Our Funny Pet

        In our family there is a cat. It weighs ten kilograms. A story that I will tell now is linked with our cat and the bed where we sleep. The bed has high soft backrest width 10-15 centimeters. Night cat jumps to bed and walks on it. The cat has a night promenade. Everything would be great if the cat at the fourth-fifth range on the backrest did not lost balance and fell down. If I am lucky, the cat falls nearby. If no luck, ten kilograms of cat land to my head. I have question: How do the adjustment the cat from this habit? We tried: Adhesive tapes, arranged on the back of the bed. (The result is that we tear these tapes from shocked cat during a half of night). We also tried fragrance ylang-ylang, which our cat does not like (The cat did not pay attention, that he did not like this fragrance). And in the end we tried tangerine peel in large quantities (The cat squeamish drop tangerine peel on my head, then fell for them himself). What else can be done? With the spray under the pillow I've slept. The cat ran away, and then returned. Two days ago, I looked for information on the Internet. I found a lot of feedback. The two of them I decided to try immediately. I like simple and easy for realization ideas. For that reason, proposals to make a shelf to a bed for the cat, that he be nice on a fall, was postponed for later. First I took from my child six balloons, blew them and put them between the wall and bed. It turned out very nicely. My husband and I have admired them and went to bed. In the middle of the night thunder the shot. I decided that the husband shot the cat (although the only weapon in our House is a water pistol). When I switched on the light, a cat was sitting on the floor surrounded by pieces of the blue ball. We sent him off with a flea in his ear, have changed the balls and then went to bed. This was our strategic error, indicating how little we know about cats. The second and third balls he blew up minutes after twenty and ran away. My husband has asked me to remove all and finish today with experiments. While I hid the balls in closet, the cat sneak in on the largest ball and banged by his foot on it. The net result is minus four balls, minus two hours of sleep, plus entertainment for the cat. Then the case went the emergency option. The entire back of the bed was covered in several layers with foil. I assured my husband that now he can sleep peacefully: I was sure that the cat will not to the foil, will be afraid. In total, it happened almost like that. The Cat came across a couple of hours, when we fell asleep. He jumped from the Cabinet on the foil. The cat scratched the foil, scared off it and fell to the husband. The net result is minus 10 meters of foil, minus forty drops of nerving for two adults, plus entertainment for the cat. Once the foil and balls did not work, I was thinking the other way: how not to let the cat at night in the bedroom. A repelled device for cats was used first. Unfortunately, the cat is not realized what it was. But my husband realized it, because eventually he asked me to air the room.. About the same foolishness was a basin with water. We set it, supposing that the cat will dabble and forgot about our bed (the cat likes water; it is favorite game for him). Calculating successively cut by half: the cat lapped up, but did not forget about bed. At night he jumped to us, rocking wet paws. I thought that he had twenty-two paws. He stepped with ten on me, the rest went on the blanket and sheet. Finally the cat kissed husband to nose, with his wet neb, with trickle water. The husband said the hell with it, with the Interior, he agreed with the shelf. He brought lacquered whiteboard, tried to install it to the bed the whole evening, abused for innocent bed and finally finished. I would like to say that it would be better if the cat fell down than this shelf (out of it alive like no one got). But I looked at the face of my husband and decided to keep silent. In addition, a child came running before bedtime and left his toys on the shelf. At night to the shelf the cat came. The cat blase promenaded to the middle of shelf and touched one of the toys. This was an interactive Hamster. Because of touch Hamster has switched on and with love ran to the cat. I would gladly tell what happened then. But I won't lie: we haven't seen. And the cat until the morning was no longer seen. Hamster run up to the edge of shelf and fell in a basin of water. The result is we have removed the shelf. On the back of the bed now guard Hamster sits. The Cat in the room does not go. And if he happens to see a hamster in opening the door, he horrified retreats.