Cats' Games

        To maintain good health of pets, it would be nice if the owner sometimes plays with it. A toy for cats must be thick with nodes, ropes, cloth laces. These toys are very popular. They can be delighted to roll on the floor, balls, spools of thread, empty walnuts. The balls for table tennis have increased demand. Cat's love is eternal and unchangeable for riffle paper. The most valuable toys are imitation of suitable materials "mice", easily moved with the help of ropes. In addition to toys and games, each cat wants to use for the movement the vertical space of the apartment. Many owners have noticed how a cat takes off on any level - sky high cupboard and with wild eyes watch from there for all. We can use it to encourage the cat to a kind of gymnastics. Projectile for cat's physical education will serve "a cat's tree", which is comfortable for cats to climb and jump. This can be a home-made system of shelves, or purchase (home-made) cat's scratcher. Even the cat is able to think on her own and to arrange for a training session. A cat tries to get into all the cracks, to climb in all found "holes" and giving shelter to get a fictitious prey. Adult cats want to play less. Sometimes I surprised to see in the evening, how adult cats, which were lying all day, start to scamper around the House. Tonus of cats, one way or another, must be maintained. Overdo in inventing games and toys for cats are so hard. It is in our power to make the lives of pets are quite extensive and fascinating. Believe me, very rare cat refuses to take part in an exciting race for paper ball or track down the clever prey.
        It is necessary for the domestic cat subject will be post for thread cutting, facing claws. Its presence in the House would protect carpets, doors, wallpaper on walls and furniture from appearing on them scratching by cats claws. Post can be bought in pet store or be made one by you; in any case, it should be higher than pet in full growth and raising up front paws. For thread cutting, facing claws you can donate your pet any item or purchase a special pads scratching, stuffed Cat Mint. For this procedure it is good smooth, little log. Some cats prefer to grind claws on a piece of old rug or coarse sacking, around a spirally rolled cardboard or wooden pole. It's worth noting that the procedure for grinding must be always in the same place, an animal must be taught to him.