Living in full to their owners without having a possibility to hunt for food cats lose their physical conditions, which negatively affects their overall health: they are gaining excess weight, lose their hunting skills. So in the yard or garden cat attaches the soul - they climb to fence, hunt down a random butterfly, or jump on a tree. A game for cats is an indispensable thing to train muscles and check out the reaction, and test senses. This is an element of life, a rehearsal of life, a drill of skills for life in freedom. For kittens a game is modeling future behavior of the adult animal, and rehearsal adults fighting. Opportunities for hunting and sport for cats in apartment are unfortunately limited. As a rule, an animal like more that shall be prohibited. Apparently the pet wonder about people: people put things on the table and not overturn them, hang curtains, but do not climb on them and not scratching them and are not satisfied with one swing, have high sideboards, but not jumping up. Fanciers often wonder why a cat sharpens claws. Since claws are an indispensable tool for climbing, reflect attacks and protection, different games, they should always be in good condition, it has got to be sharp. Generally, in order to grind the claws, the animal rises to the hind legs, stretches the entire body and has claws forequarters on slightly rough surface, scratching her. However, it is not only that the cat wants to sharpen claws, as this way it marks territory. It is a kind of warning to other members of the family cat. Even on the carpet they don't try to jump. Their food, as a rule, is thoughtful and right due to the owner’s care and attention. Good food for cats can be easily found online Walmart Coupons – they provide customers with any new information and try to please them. They also have toys for pets and one can chooses and purchases online the most suitable item to play with. It is quite necessary for cats to keep fit and have good spirits.